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My name is Anne Marie Westra-Nijhuis. I’m a project & event manager, communications professional, marketer and from now on a “blogger” too!

I would like to keep my network informed about the things in my busy life as an entrepreneur. Besides that, I would like to share and exchange my motivation, passion and experiences with other people, inspire others, help them. Like Sir Winston Churchill once said so beautifully: “You make a living by what you get, You make a life by what you give”!

Since I have started my Blog, I have only been blogging into Dutch, my native tongue.

However, recently, I have decided to publish my most favourite blog posts in English as well!

If you further would like to stay tuned about me and the things I do, please  find and follow me on the Social Media:

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Hope to see you there!


And: “Don’t forget to wear your smile today; it’s one size and fits all!!”

With kind regards,


Anne Marie Westra



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